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Archbishop beg Buhari to give youths chance in politics

On Sunday January 17 it was witnessed that Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Revd. Ignatius Kaigama implored that the President Muhammadu Buhari make it available that the youths have access to leadership positions at all the levels in the state.

He noted that the Nigerian youths have potentials and should not be denied the opportunity by the existing political leaders.

He said “In political governance, the youths are also to be given a chance to participate fully rather being seen as immature citizens and agents of crimes. With their talents and energy, they can surely make meaningful contributions to our country.

“I remember that during the last general elections, there was a not too young to rule campaign. In his New Year message, President Buhari described the young people as our most valuable natural resource, at home and abroad. Their ingenuity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are evident to all.

“Our President said that the Government will actively engage with our young people, to turn their passions into ideas that can be supported, groomed and scaled across regions. I hope that this declaration is truly meant to open the economic and political space to our young people, de-emphasizing monetary extortion, the practice of favouritism, nepotism, godfathers manipulations, and outright election rigging that excludes the youth from political participation.”

“Are we amazed that after 60 years of independence our national growth is sluggish? Let us prove that we mean what we say in the future elections by giving our youth the political oxygen to make meaningful contributions to our democratic project,”

He stated that the rate of corruption, religious and ethnic racism in the country has discouraged the youths and their ability to stand united as one people, one nation.

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