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Pastors Owning Private Jets, Two Cars Are Not Christians – Pastor Giwa

The Senior pastor of looking forward to the second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa says no pastor will have extra than a car if men of God were to follow the lessons of Jesus Christ.

Giwa, who changed into addressing his individuals in Akure on Wednesday, expressed displeasure on what number of Christians were deceived by using “Prosperity Gospel”.

The cleric, however, defined “prosperity sermon” as a fake teaching from the pit of hell.

He said,

“The lessons of our Lord Jesus supply us insights into how He wants us to stay as His fans.

“lots of us have deviated from those teachings nowadays just because we need to be rich. Do you know that Nigeria has one of the richest pastors inside the international?

“reality is sour, but we ought to say it as it is that if all of us want to follow the lessons of Jesus Christ, no pastor can have a couple of vehicle and a residence.

“It’s unlucky that most people have a series of vehicles, personal jets, houses among others. Jesus said within the book of Matthew 6:3 that if a person offers to the terrible, he or she must keep it secret.

“how many pastors are following this teaching today? Also, in the e-book of Matthew 19:21, Jesus told the wealthy guy to head promote all his possessions and follow him.

“some of us have special possessions nowadays and we preserve pronouncing we need to be like Jesus; we’re all fooling ourselves. Permit me tell you, it isn’t smooth to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Any pastor having two, three or four vehicles can’t declare he is following the trails of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Prosperity sermon is a false coaching from Lucifer. The satan offers riches, examine Matthew 4:five-6 wherein devil tempted Jesus Christ.”

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